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Mosna, Meschen(Deutsch), Muszna(Magyar)

Location: Mosna is an historically significant village located in the northern part of Sibiu county, 66km from Sibiu, 28km from Agnita and 10km from Medias. From Medias, Mosna lies on a North-North-East, South-South-East axis,on the County road linking Medias to Agnita and Fagaras, respectively DJ-141.The Mosna commune also includes the villages of Nemsa and Alma Vii. Mosna is the twin town of Ilsfeld in Germany.


Short History The legend of the settlement as told by the Saxons says that the name of the village came from a bird - Mäsche (sparrow) which supposedly led them to the place where they should establish a village. The settlement still has the bird as part of its heraldic symbol. Its first attestation dates from 1283 when Petrus of Mosna was mentioned in historical sources.

  • 1359 - Mosna sent its representatives to the Assembly of the Medias Convocation. During that time, Medias won hegemony over Mosna and Biertan.
  • 1480-1486 (according to Vatasianu) / 1485-1498 (according to other authors) the present church was built.
  • 1500 (ca.) fortified works to the church were carried out.
  • 1530 - because of the standing that the Saxon University had as to the domination of Transylvania, Mosna was taken over by Ioana Zapolya.
  • 1555 - Mosna was granted the right to hold an annual fair, extremely important for that time.
  • 1786 - In 231 registered houses live ca. 1155 Saxon and Romanian inhabitants.
  • 1794 - the current Baroque-style parish house was built.
  • 1800 (ca.) - the first Orthodox religious school was founded.
  • 1847-1849 Stephan Ludwig Roth taught in Mosna. Roth was executed in 1849 following the revolution of the previous year.
  • 1850 The Greek-Catholic church of Mosna was completed.
  • 1945 ca. 250 Ethnic Saxons were deported to Russia.
  • 1950 the first kolkhoze was established.
  • After 1989 Ethnic Germans emigrated en masse - this event held major social, economic and cultural implications.
  • 1998 November 4th Prince Charles visits Mosna.

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